Offline Journal

Offline Journal documents the development of contemporary photography in, from and of Wales - a country rich in photographic history and talent.

Established in 2018, Offline Journal exists in parallel but away from the distraction and noise of online platforms and, instead, is printed as limited edition issues published April & October each year. Consequently, Offline Journal content won’t appear online.

Offline Journal and its supplements are edited and published in Wales by Brian Carroll.

Offline Essays

Offline Journal was created specifically to bring new writing on photography from Wales to the fore, but it’s always a battle in balancing the number of great photographs with associated writing on the available pages of an independent publication.

Supplementing Offline Journal from issue #003 onwards is Offline Essays - featuring new long-form writing on contemporary photography by professional photographers, photographic artists and writers. Each Offline Essay is no fewer than four pages of A4 and are available exclusively to Offline Journal subscribers for a period of 3 months before being available to purchase by non-subscribers. And just as the Offline Journal is a limited print run, each Offline Essay will also be a limited edition in print.
Once they’ve gone - they’ve gone!

Folio exhibition posters

As a way of marking the occasions of small, independent exhibitions in galleries around Wales, our Offline folio exhibition posters are unique mementos. Printed in limited editions of only 150 copies, these A2-size posters are folded to A4 and feature key images from a photography exhibition along with supporting text.

Posters to date have included Ron McCormick's 'How Green was my Valley'; David Hurn's 'YNISHIR'; and Dan Wood's 'Gap in the hedge'.